for a relaxed atmosphere


…the light was too bright, to make it a bit darker I crochet a lampshade for the top.


colored pines


The pattern can be found here !


This will take a while…

socke anfang

I started to knit spiral socks two weeks ago and Im sooo slow. For me its really hard to knit with 4 needles. >_<

But well Im looking forward to finish my first socks project successfully.

Ich habe vor 2 Wochen begonnen Spiralsocken zu stricken und ich bin soo langsam. Ich tue mich echt schwer mit 4 Nadeln zu stricken.

Aber gut, ich bin zuversichtlich mein erstes Sockenprojekt erfolgreich abzuschliesen. 🙂

Die Anleitung gibts hier:

Granny present

granny present


Good thing my grandma`s birthday is in autumn. Its easy to be creative and decorate her presents. :3

I put the crochet butterfly on a thin wire, so she can stick it for example in a flower pot.




Another dressed cozy cup


Im prepared for the winter :3

I just knitted a strip with a cable pattern in size of the cup and added a button.

I used a german pattern, but I found a english one, but im not sure if its good.

Maybe you can let me know.

Ich habe einfach einen tassenbreiten Streifen Zopfmuster gestrickt  und einen Knopf als Verschluss draufgenäht.

Das Zopfmuster gibts hier:

Owl egg cozy

owl egg cozy

A basket full of wool


…and made of wool :3

I crochet it with this pattern: