Embroidery Impressions

stick buch


All-Year Bunny (Not only Easter)

2015-02-26 23b

2015-03-17 21b

The bunny for every season of the year!

Here is the original pattern ! I used a smaller hook (3,00 mm), made the ears smaller (skipped the last row) and put a different face.

Crochet Tapestry Bracelet


I am recently totally into tapestry, especially triangle patterns.

The original idea with pattern can be found here !

I love these colors!!!



Panda Xmas Ball




2014-12-25 11

My christmas gift for my sister :3

The idea and instrucctions are from here !


2014-12-27 12.29.16


Here you got the pattern!

Merry After-Christmas!!!

Right Weather For Frogs

Since yesterday its raining nonstop.



I used different patterns. For the body this one! I had problems with the legs, mainly because the pattern is in dutch.

So for the legs I used this english pattern !

The front legs and the eyes are improvised.

Another Fancy Coaster

Im always searching for good coaster patterns. I wanted one more posh.

So this is my interpretation of this pattern !

I didnt do the top-stitch- rounds which are mentioned in the pattern because i wanted my coaster flat.