Panda Xmas Ball




2014-12-25 11

My christmas gift for my sister :3

The idea and instrucctions are from here !


2014-12-27 12.29.16


Here you got the pattern!

Merry After-Christmas!!!

PoM PoMs Garland


Eine ganz einfache deutsche Anleitung für Pompoms gibt es hier !

Eigentlich wollte ich nen Teppich, wie dieser hier, draus machen aber dafür haben die Wollreste nicht gereicht und irgendwie war es mir auch zu schade zum drauf rumlaufen.

English pattern can be found here !


Right Weather For Frogs

Since yesterday its raining nonstop.



I used different patterns. For the body this one! I had problems with the legs, mainly because the pattern is in dutch.

So for the legs I used this english pattern !

The front legs and the eyes are improvised.

Another Fancy Coaster

Im always searching for good coaster patterns. I wanted one more posh.

So this is my interpretation of this pattern !

I didnt do the top-stitch- rounds which are mentioned in the pattern because i wanted my coaster flat.





I made this dragon for my sister as birthday present.

It was the first time I worked with felt, so it wasnt so easy.

The pattern can you find here !



Really nice pattern here !