cozy cup and coaster in one

cozy cup

That was my Christmas gift for my sister :3

Here ist the pattern !


christmas coaster

untersetzer kleiner

….or, well not really christmas-like but it was a christmas gift, for my aunt.

And I think they look a bit like winter, somehow icy .

Here you can find the pattern !

I linked this post on

There is more cool DIY stuff!

Last minute christmas gift

last minute

I made this Santa Claus-Hat  with this Santa Claus Pattern. It fits perfectly on my Grandpa`s liqueur, I bought for him for christmas.

Turtle card with crochet edge



for my sister`s birthday…she has a turtle :3198711_2039921090944_2679905_n


the idea I got from here:

Well begun is half done.


Still have half way to go but its going well :3

Oh I really love this colors. :3

As a reminder, in the end it should be like this:

How cool is that *___*

schereschere besser

I have a quiet softish scissor now :3

the english pattern can be found here 🙂

octopussy :3


„Am I cute, or what?“

pattern here: