cozy cup and coaster in one

cozy cup

That was my Christmas gift for my sister :3

Here ist the pattern !


Cinnamon Roll Cookies – Zimtschneckenplätzchen


Here is the step-by-step recipe with pictures!


Last minute christmas gift

last minute

I made this Santa Claus-Hat  with this Santa Claus Pattern. It fits perfectly on my Grandpa`s liqueur, I bought for him for christmas.

colored pines


The pattern can be found here !


Another dressed cozy cup


Im prepared for the winter :3

I just knitted a strip with a cable pattern in size of the cup and added a button.

I used a german pattern, but I found a english one, but im not sure if its good.

Maybe you can let me know.

Ich habe einfach einen tassenbreiten Streifen Zopfmuster gestrickt  und einen Knopf als Verschluss draufgenäht.

Das Zopfmuster gibts hier:

Turtle card with crochet edge



for my sister`s birthday…she has a turtle :3198711_2039921090944_2679905_n


the idea I got from here:

Well begun is half done.


Still have half way to go but its going well :3

Oh I really love this colors. :3

As a reminder, in the end it should be like this: